The 90s R&B groups took us down memory lane and then back again


Who else better to accompany Bell Biv Devoe on the Three Stripes Tour than the lovely ladies of SWV and En Vogue? It was a perfect match, and a terrific show. Think about it, the 90s was one other time that R&B music was at its peak. When you think about the 90s you think about musical groups, music videos and some of the best dances. And for certain these three groups delivered on all three.

Friday night in Brooklyn along Flatbush Avenue a tremendously long line swooped around the corner from the theatre with anxious show attendees. The excitement was high and you could hear it in their voices as they spoke about their favorite songs and their favorite group members. Inside the 3,000-seat theatre adorned with French Baroque architecture patrons were in line getting memorabilia, and at the concession stands getting food and drinks while looking stylish. There’s no question the impact these artists have on their listeners who range from 10 years of age to 60+. This is exactly what you saw as you strolled through the theatre making your way to your seat.

The opening act was the sweet voices of SWV. They began to entertain us with some of their familiar songs just when the audience made mention that the mics were too low. Without hesitation the soundman kicked into gear and adjusted the sound so the ladies could deliver and so did they! They sang some of their top Billboard Chart songs like “Weak”, “Rain”, “You’re the One” and several others as they danced in unison. The crowd enthusiastically sang along and danced at times as well.  

Up next to the stage were the sexy and vivacious ladies of En Vogue. They took to the stage in a kinetic force and the crowd immediately drew in. They’re known for their harmonies and the way they drive home each and every song they sing. They sparred no expense as they sang crowd favorites “Don’t Let Go (Love)”, “My Lovin’”, “Hold On”, and other all too familiar hits. Terry Ellis still continues to be a crowd favorite and boy did she work that stage! Cindy Herron let everyone know that she still reigns in this business, while the latest member Rhona Bennett let everyone know that she’s right where she’s supposed to be!

Intermission came and DJ Johnny Famous took control of the crowd while playing songs they could sing and nod their heads to. If you listened closely you’d hear more conversation about the show, accept this time the attendees spoke about how much they were enjoying the show and wished it wouldn’t end.

Without further ado, the handsome men of Bell Biv Devoe aka BBD took to the stage and the crowd went bonkers! They had their choreography in tact alongside their backup dancers and moved like they did in the 90s. Giving the audience “Do Me” and a more recent song “Run”. They even sang some New Edition songs, including their early songs “Mr. Telephone Man”, “Cool it Now”, and “Candy Girl”.  Their most recent song, “Finally” featuring SWV had the audience swaying to the memorable lyrics. You had to be there!

About time the show was over there was no question whether or not everyone got his or her money’s worth. The Three Stripes Tour was like a party in your living room. Who doesn’t want to have a good time at home while being entertained and listening to 90s music? All the while reminiscing on the past. These 90s R&B groups took us down memory lane and then back again. You have to be a fan in order to appreciate them and the talent they possess. They are truly the definition of great music.