Holy Day of Atonement Observance with the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan Drew an Immense Crowd


On Sunday October 15, marked the day of this year's Million Man March Anniversary/Holy Day of Atonement Observance. The immense crowd arrived with eagerness and urgency. The eagerness to hear the message that the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan was going to share. I too felt those same feelings and more because this was my first time witnessing the teachings of Minister Louis Farrakhan in person. The anticipation was high, my heart and mind were ready to receive his message.

Min Farrakhan solo.jpg

The Newark Symphony Hall has such history and it was clear that there was no greater place for this event to be held than this monumental hall.  The brothers and sisters of diverse religious and belief systems sat patiently awaiting for the minister to speak. What joy I felt to see all of these great people out to listen to the words of the enlightened Minister Louis Farrakhan. The service was opened by several other leaders including some of other faiths.

'Separation or Death' was the title for the message and boy was it profound! The minister embarked on the ideas of mistreatment by the Caucasian race, living divided and equal from the enemy, the Colin Kaepernick controversy and the “real people” disrespecting the flag, as well as the shameful Trump.

Farrakhan discussed the Muslim Program of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, which calls for a full and complete freedom for Blacks. The program introduced in July of 1962 at the Erie Crown Theater in Chicago has since been displayed on the back page of every issue of the Final Call Newspaper.

Minister Farrakhan spoke on “freedom” and mistreatment by the Caucasian race using the statement “But here’s the thing we’ve got to ask. You know how long we’ve been in America? Four hundred sixty two years, and we have suffered everyday for four hundred sixty two years. So now most of you who have been involved in civil rights; we salute you because your love of America and white people has caused you to suffer every kind of indignity to get a little glimpse of freedom. …We don't’ know freedom. So how have you suffered to get change? We had to die to go to toilet with white people. We had to die to eat in a restaurant with them. We had to die to be buried in the same cemetery with them. We moved into their neighborhoods and the minute they saw us some of them burned crosses, they drove us out or they left. They don’t want to be with us.”  


What many don’t know is that our once former president, Thomas Jefferson shared his thoughts on Blacks living separate and apart from Whites. “Nothing is more certainly in the book of fate than that these people are to be free; nor is it less certain that the two races, equally free, can not live in the same government.”

Farrakhan has a message for Trump, and I look forward to him sharing it. Trump could use to listen and would most definitely learn something.

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Colin Kaepernick continues to not have been offered a position with the NFL. Honorable Louis Farrakhan said, “Colin Kaepernick took a knee. That brother was not trying to disrespect the flag. He was disturbed over the police killings of black and brown people outside of the law of justice. And he wanted to draw attention to it. Because all of the evil that we have suffered, we suffered it under the Confederate flag. And we suffered it mostly under the so-called American flag.” Minister Farrakhan continued further, “But did you know that there is a code on how to respect the American flag? The Congressional Research Service (CRS) prepared a report for members of congress in 2009 on the Federal Law relating to the US Flag and it’s display.” The Minister shared that Section 8 of the flag code entitled “Respect for Flag” shows how the National Football League is actually the one breaking the code by displaying the flag horizontally.  

The crowd was completely engaged, while clapping and cheering the Minister on in agreement with his message. He spoke with such intellect and deep compassion that you were sure to walk out of the theater with a grand amount of information to share with others.