Missy Torres

Brooklyn, New York native Melissa “Mami Chula” Torres, better known as Missy Torres is the sexy heritage- proud Puerto Rican representative for Beatminerz Radio. 

“Straight out of college I went to work at WQHT HOT 97 in their promotions department and worked there from 1993 to 2001,” Missy said when describing her background in radio. She provided her talent for imaging as well, “I used to do a lot of drops for the station along with PSAs and voiceovers.” While working for HOT 97, she met the production team Mr. Walt and DJ Evil D from Black Moon and instantly became friends.

Looking to make more money in her field, she took her expertise to MTV for close to a year before she stepped out on faith to become a real estate agent. However, her stint from radio would be short lived when her connection with Da Beatminerz opened a door for her to become a vital member of the online station, Beatminerz Radio. “When they decided to start Beatminerz Radio I was one of the first people they contacted to join the Beatminerz Family,” explains Missy, who not only host two different shows, but is also involved with the marketing and promotions for the independent station.

Missy’s original show “Mami Chula ” offers comedy, live music and relationship advice from her and her producer and best friend Mr. Walt’s point of view. “I have always enjoyed radio shows where there is constant interaction, jokes and laughter; so I always knew that was the kind of show I needed to present,” she explains. What she enjoys most about the show, she admits is the interaction with the audience. “The ‘Air It Out Topic,’ is the main attraction. Listeners write to me about a topic that they want other's opinions on, whether they are going through something, being faced with a situation, or simply need advice; they trust me and my audience to give them direction.”

Check Missy on “Mami Chula” every Wednesday from 1- 3 p.m.