mr. walt

Mr. Walt started out very early in the music industry working at the legendary record store, the Music Factory in Jamaica, Queens.  Working at Music Factory allowed him to make numerous connections and forge strong, relationships with artists, DJs and other people in the music industry.  While working there he continued making beats in the studio for his production company, Da Beatminerz, (with his brother, DJ Evil Dee) he has been a part of creating some classic hip-hop music.  The list of artist that Da Beatminerz have worked with are too long to mention, including multi-platinum selling soul singer, D’Angelo, the iconic rap groups, Naughty by Nature and M.O.P.  A visionary he is one of the founders of Beatminerz Radio.  Starting with launching the radio show on and creating the website, Mr. Walt is looking forward to the next evolution of the station.  He is still a major multi-tasker, making music as a Beatminer and hosting his own show, “The Megablast”  every Friday 2pm -4pm EST.