Pearl Harba

Hailing out of the Bushwick section of Brooklyn comes Pearl Harba . A HipHop artist influenced by Nas , Jay-z and Biggie pearl who is of Puerto Rican decent was always into HipHop and grew up listening to a lot of artist from the golden era . But Pearl never just saw himself as just an artist so he ventured off into different area's of the business . 

First working as a promoter for Gungie Riviera and Prestige entertainment for club Rhumba and Club Newyork at their high points . Pearl then ventured off into internet radio when he was signed by ESP51. He quickly became radio director and started the G Spot show with his child hood friend G.pos then added Crazy D.J. Bazarro and D.J. skinny to round out the team as the shows D.J.'s . 

The show eventually left ESP51 to Join  Beatminerz Radio with D.J. Redboy as it's main D.J. And has had a 6 yr run . As an artist Pearl Harba has worked with Sean P, Rockness Monsta, Sadat-X , Juggernot and Evil Dee on various music projects as he continues to evolve as an artist and business man.